#142: The Recruiter’s perspective on finance and its future with Jonathan Evans

with Jonathan Evans

Our Guest Mentors:

Jonathan has over 10 years’ experience in Executive Talent Acquisition, spanning Agency, RPO and In-house roles. His early career was spent as a specialist Actuarial, Audit and Risk Head-hunter, in the Insurance, Investments and Pensions Industries. He then moved to Pontoon Solutions, the Recruitment Process Outsourcing arm of Adecco, to set up, develop and deliver their Executive Search solution in the UK. Jonathan is currently a Global Talent Scout at AstraZeneca, a leading global bio-pharmaceutical company, with responsibility for senior hiring for Finance and Global Business Services across the group.

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

[11:09][On the threat of Automation] Technology is only as good as both the individuals that are using it, and more importantly, the processes that are put in around it

[24:30][On career development] I think it is really important to take as broad a view across both the organisation and the market as you can, and then think about what you enjoy doing but do so in an open minded sense- don’t think a role as series of roles to be ticked on a job profile: think about how a role is going to suit you in terms of your capability and how you want to develop that capability

[39:40][on critical intangible skills ] That ability to be slightly prescient; I have seen how that has developed in the past, so what does that mean for what is next- within an organisation is taking an enterprise mindset, so you have your part of your business and your role- but how does to link to this, that- how does it link to the wider objective of the organisation- and then within the wider context of the market….

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Key Points From the Episode: 

  • The critical changes happenng in finance and how finance professionals needs to approach this change 
  • The increasing importance of technical skills despite automation  
  • The approach to career planning all finance professionals need to take 
  • Planning around networking with recruiters  

Time Stamped Show Notes 

[2:22] – Jon talks about his background

[4:48] – Jon talks about the difference between external and internal recruitment, and what is exciting him

[10:06] – Jon gives his thoughts on the evolving role of finance professionals in the 4th digital revolution

[18:31] – Jon talks about the interaction of finance and technology

[22:45] – Jon talks about the balance between commercial and technical roles for career development and how to approach opportunities

[28:10] – Jon thoughts on job hoppers

[33:55] – Jon talks about the key attributes for senior finance professionals

[42:17] – Jon’s thoughts on CVs and what leaders have in common

[45:50] – Jon’s advice on trying to navigate the recruitment process with recruiters

[49:39] – How to connect with Jon

[50:17] – Jon’s talks about resources that he uses and potentially recommends to finance professionals

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