#145: Monday Memo: Manage Email Better To Win Time Back

Andrew Codd

As a finance professional are there any ways you carve out an extra few hours to make a bigger impact on those things that matter most?

We all have the same 24 hours in a day and I was asked recently how I remain productive in spite of all the extra non-core work commitments I take on. Financial professionals and accountants tend to be a very reactive bunch, after all, whether we work in an organisational setting responding to stakeholders’ emails or in practice being on hand to service our clients requests for advice, we’re essentially a support function, hence our reactive natures, and as such our days can pass without us really knowing how much of a difference we’ve really made. So imagine if you could carve out an extra few hours to make a bigger impact, to make sure you’re becoming more influential and solving those problems that really matter most?

In this bite-sized episode I share some thoughts on how I handle email, which allows me to gain additional time back to deliver value that matters most to stakeholders.


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