#150: (Special Edition) Honouring The Mentors Of Our Mentors: Sharing Their Best Bits Of Advice

Andrew Codd

Another one of our special editions where we consolidate the experiences, advice and hard won lessons of a number of our guest mentors to help you see over to the other side of the fence, what it looks like, prepare you for what might happen, how to go about getting there, give you a sense of the potential impacts on your organisation, your colleagues and your career from real finance professionals who have been there , and so on…. to help you take your first steps in getting there and having a meaningful and rewarding career in finance.

On this episode we share with you 12 of the best bits of advice received by our mentors

how 4 of our guest mentors have sought to position the value of FP&A prepared for the future and how to remain relevant today and into the future. We discuss with them what they have done, why they did what they did, the impacts it had on them, their careers, their colleagues and organisation, and they share with you some ideas on how you can also do the same or similar. The guest mentors and the episodes are:

· Angela Ho

· Lance Rubin

· Chiddima Eggagha

· Ken Fick

· Geetanjali Tandon

· Macro Venturelli

· Glin Bailey

· Nigel Franklyn

· Talita Ferriera

· Steve Rosvold

· Noel Tagoe

· Paul Sweeney

· Anuj Vij

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