#176: Practical Advice On Better Business Partnering from 4 Mentors

with Elizabeth Hale, Anders Liu-Lindberg, Marco Venturelli, Arno Wakfer

Our Guest Mentors:

Our Guest Mentor: 

Another one of our special editions where we consolidate the experiences, advice and hard won lessons of a number of our guest mentors to help you see over to the other side of the fence, what it looks like, prepare you for what might happen, how to go about getting there, give you a sense of the potential impacts on your organisation, your colleagues and your career from real finance professionals who have been there , and so on…. to help you take your first steps in getting there and having a meaningful and rewarding career in finance.  

On this episode we share with you how 4 of our guest mentors have sought become better business partners by creating and capturing more value for their organisations. We discuss with them what they have done, why they did what they did, the impacts it had on them, their careers, their colleagues and organisation, and they share with you some ideas on how you can also do the same or similar. The guest mentors and the episodes are: 

  • Elizabeth Hale #118 
  • Anders Liu-Lindberg #100 
  • Marco Venturelli #024 
  • Arno Wakfer #106 

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Time Stamped Show Notes: 

[01:36] – #118: How to Prove Your Full Value As An Accountant 

Elizabeth Hale is founder and CEO of eeCPA, which is focussed on making a meaningful and positive impact on the business and financial success of their clients, by simplifying the complex and finding creative solutions for the challenges the face. 

Elizabeth also holds a CPA designation and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. 

  • How we can practically become that business partner / financial mentor they are looking for. 
  • The importance of dialling as opposed to contacting clients, great advice for Millennials. 
  • Elizabeth shares a story on the importance digging deeper to get at what her client really needed. 


[10:10] – #100: Effective Business Partnering 

Anders Liu-Lindberg is an active blogger with over 30,000 LinkedIn followers and an influencer within the field of Business Partnering, Finance Transformation and Digitalisation. He is a catalyst for growing the network, insights and collaboration of the Business Partnering Community. 

At Maersk, Anders is driving large scale transformation programs and is among others the co-creator and driver of one of the largest and most ambitious Business Partnering training programs globally. 

Anders is also a co-founder of the Business Partnering Institute, and lives in Denmark with his family. 

  • 5 blockers to business partnering 
  • On why we must find time for business partnering 
  • How large organisations should approach Business Partnering  


[14:40] – #024: HappyFinance and becoming Strategic Business Partners Part 1 

Marco Venturelli  has over 35 years of experience in finance and accounting and currently leads Performance and Financial Strategy at Novartis where he is CFO of the Oncology Europe Region, as well as being on the CFO Board of Directors (CFO Consigliere di Amministrazione). 

Marco’s career has seen him hold various roles such as Country General Manager, undertaken international assignments and led global teams. He’s also regularly commenting and contributing on LinkedIn particularly with the handles #HappyFinance and #theHappyCFO. 

Marco is currently based out of Milan, Italy and also volunteers with Action Aid, looking to alleviate poverty with a constant flow of support to different programs in Africa and India. 

  • Suggests four components that make up a Strategic Business Partner. 
  • Highlights McKinsey report where 41% of CFOs are involved in transformational and non-recurring activities. 
  • Mentions an Ernst & Young survey where CEOs wanted their CFOs to be more strategic. 
  • Shares the results of an internal Novartis survey asking what you would like a business partner to be and where is finance today. 
  • Marco brings up the Stakeholder Analysis Grid from my Audacious Finance Partner Book and how he helps towards developing our courage behind becoming more valued business partners.  

#106: Finance Co-Pilots Better Servicing Business 

Arno Wakfer is a finance professional with over 15 years commercial experience as CFO, controller, manager as well as in finance business partnering & leadership roles across various industries, in well know organisations such as Dimension Data, Autodesk, MoreGolf & GIBS Business School. During his career in both South Africa & Australian Arno has lead & developed financial strategies, built high-performance finance teams, implemented business improvements & facilitated change management programs. 

Arno has also published 130+ LI Articles on a range of finance topics aimed at driving sustained profitable growth in business and also on creating value via finance business partnering and co-piloting on decision making. 

Arno holds a CA designation, is a certified financial modeller and valuation analyst and lives in Brisbane, Australia with his family. 

  • Arno shares a story how he stumbled across the usefulness of business partnering via engagement. 
  • The two customers of Finance. 
  • Why reporting isn’t adding value and why Arno is excited about automation. 
  • Why finance professionals need to be visible and how Arno does this. 


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