#186: Finding your way through failure & the numbers to grow your dream business with Wendy Thomson

with Wendy Thomson

Our Guest Mentors:

Wendy Thomson owns the Blue Box Accountants Ltd. She helps women to set up and run their own businesses. Worked with many different businesses over the last two decades and she can tell you how to build your new business from tiny beginnings into a success to be proud of. She is also the owner of My Three Cats, a cat-sitting business. Experience working as Finance Manager at Old Session House/Montgomery/Old Rathbone in UK. Wendy also got her degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Manchester and Advance Diploma in Accounting and Business/Management at ATT. 

Key Quotes From the Episode: 

In any particular industry you really need to have a very strong business model to make it work.” [10:56] 

“[On deciding to run your own businesshaving the experience, start small and have the support of your family. All of these should align. It’s terrifying it’s worth the jump. Make sure you have a plan if it did not succeed.”[13:15] 

 “[On dealing with your clients] be yourself. Don’t pretend to be somebody you are not because if you will, you will get caught later”. [23:21] 

(Other resources and how to connect with Wendy below). 

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Key Points From the Episode: 

  • Learning from the failures of other businesses and doing it right for yourself 
  • How to run her own business and the process of making it happen 
  • Always having a small business on the side 
  • Alignment of the stars 
  • Support of family 


  • Challenges that clients are facing as they find it hard difficult dealings with the numbers. 

Time Stamped Show Notes 

[02:38] – Wendy shares his career journey after she took her Accounting and Finance degree at Manchester University and worked at a bank and Accident Group. Joined other corporate companies doing finance and accounting and later brought altogether her experience to start her own accounting company.  

[09:30] – Wendy’s working experience with many companies that failed gave her ideas on how to run a business. 

[11:45] – Wendy’s decision to run her own business and the process of making it happen. 

  • Always having a small business on the side 
  • Alignment of the stars 
  • Support of family 


[14:54] – Way to connect to clients by using LinkedIn in starting Wendy’s business to get more leads and inquiries 


[16:37] – Finance and Accounting professional must use keep up with technology and embrace it to their advantage.   

[18:11] – Challenges that clients are facing as they find it hard difficult dealings with the numbers. 

[21:10] – Finance and Accounting professional being comfortable with numbers. 

[22:29] – Be yourself, the best advice Wendy recently had. 

[23:59] – Documentaries that Wendy recommend to our audience to read. 

[25:48] – How best to connect with Wendy. 

[26:19] – Wendy’s parting thoughts on embracing technology to help Finance and Accounting professionals including clients run their businesses and life easy.  


Resources Mentioned: 

  • Ted Bundy and OJ Simpson Documentaries 



Connect with today’s guest: 




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